System Administration

I have been the senior system administrator and director of IT spending in
a mixed environment of UNIX, Windows, and Macintosh computers for more than
20 years.  This has given me extensive experience managing enterprise level
IT infrastructure, and in the hiring and supervision of technical staff.
Through various other consultations, I've also become very familiar with
the technical needs for smaller organizations and businesses.  

  * System Integration
  * General Troubleshooting 
  * Emergency Response
  * Network Architecting
  * Data Encryption and Expiration
  * Storage and Backup Configuration
  * Disaster Recovery
  * Performance Optimization

Employee turnover is always disruptive, particularly when a key technical
staffperson is about to leave.  Also, there can sometimes be a long delay
before a replacement with the required skillset can be found.  However,
this disruption can be reduced by carefully retaining the information held
by the departing employee. 

A particular expertise I have developed is that of supervising comprehensive
exit interviews of key technical staff.  As an experienced system administrator
(and trainer of admins), I know what questions to ask and how to record the
data in a useful way.  I can also personally verify the information as it is
documented, potentially uncovering areas that need further clarification or
details that may have been misremembered.  It usually takes several
interview/verification cycles to get all the information required to train the
replacement hire.  

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