Home Automation

Equipment standardization and falling PC prices have made the creation of
advanced home automation systems surprisingly affordable.  Why not live in
the home of the future, today?

As a special case of networking, home automation systems involving X10,
ZigBee, Z-Wave, Ethernet, wireless 802.11, video, and infrared protocols 
are of great interest to me.  I have extensive experience integrating 
Windows and Linux systems with home automation, and can design custom 
systems for any home.  In addition, I am experienced with whole-house 
audio and home theater applications.  

   *  Remote control of all lights and appliances, remote light dimming 
   *  Whole-house media servers, delivering video and audio content to
      speakers and displays throughout the home 
   *  Web or phone control of your home from remote locations 
   *  Video doorbells, remote surveillance
   *  Home security system enhancements
   *  Home theater PC design and construction

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